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What difference does membership bring to the consultation process?
The two lower menu-items My I Ching and View Readings are for logged in members only.
In View Readings you can leaf through the pages of your saved readings, and search for particular questions and answers!
For example: You can select all questions that you asked before that yielded the same hexagram as an answer.
Paid-up members have an extra option with which they can download their reading history to an Excel spreadsheet, for even further analyses.

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Especially for smartphone users, not to be plagued by ads! (** see footnote)
This option works for all platforms (not only for mobile devices).
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(**) I Ching Online was not designed primarily for use on smartphones; their browsers work very differently from those on a desktop or laptop. Tablets work fine, but to enable using the small screen of a smartphone (iPhone and Android phones work quite well), as a paid-up member you have an extra setting in your My I Ching to turn off (Google-) advertising entirely, which works on all platforms.
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